Born in East London in 1994, Matt is a photographer currently working in Cape Town, South Africa.

He studied photography at the Cape Town School of Photography, where his portfolio projects where primarily concerned with the traditional darkroom processes.

Through his exploration of the craft, Matt has deconstructed both the image and processes to create a visual language that uniquely blends archaic process and current technology.

In 2017 he took part in a 3-month residency at Amplify Studios where his latest body of work The Arboretum was made. Later in the year he collaborated with master printer Zhané Warren to produce that year's Edition S for Warren Editions.




Throwing Shapes, Smith Studio, Cape Town, South Africa

-nano 1.2, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa



The Arboretum, Amplify Studio, Cape Town, South Africa



Amplify Studio, May-July 2017, Cape Town, South Africa



Efflorescent Cherry published by Quiet Sun Books (2018)


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